Big Red Manufacturing Products

Big Red Manufacturing are exceeding the market demand for modular, temporary and bespoke structures across a wide range of industries. Sustainability is at the core of our products but innovative use of raw materials has kept the cost of our products within and below, our growing client base budgets.

Temporary Structures – Permanent Feel

Our completely unique and patented design products, offer truly temporary structures but with a permanent quality and feel. Our range of cladding options is enabling our client base to ensure their choice of temporary structure fits within the location environment, aiding aesthetics but also easing planning constraints.
Partnering is important to our company. From designing our client’s products, delivering and installing, we want to be part of your success.

Bespoke Products – Off the Shelf Prices

ALL our products are bespoke and are designed with our clients. However, our unique and patented manufacturing method keeps the costs at the level our clients would expect from other “off the shelf” products.

Big Red are changing the way your modular building and structure requirements are achieved and are fast being seen as an innovative and more cost effective alternative to the established market leaders.

We can design your requirement with you – please browse our storm proof product range, some are listed below, call or click, our contact details are on our contact page.

  • Construction industry solutions (offices, welfare, canteens, storage)
  • Industrial storage – especially when external constraints are blockers
  • Event structures
  • Hospitality structures and solutions
  • Movie sets and props.
  • Home and garden structures
  • Smoking areas, Bus shelters
  • Catering units

Strong/Portable/Sustainable/Cost & Project Effective/Proven/Unique/Storm Proof/Simple.

Get ahead….with Big Red!